Whether you are looking for small or large spill solutions, choose Enretech


For effective spill clean-up and containment.
Use our range of absorbents to clean up and contain a huge range of spills – from oils to hazardous waste. The absorbents range includes powdered absorbents, pads, socks, booms, and wipes.

Spill kits Australia

Do you have a high risk of spills?
Designed to clean up spills in any high-risk area, our spill kits have everything you need to absorb and contain all kinds of spills. Spill kit refills are also available.


Need to stop the spread?
Our range of spill containment hardware products can keep rapidly spreading spills under control, as well as contain leaks within a specified area.


Harmful chemicals leaking into soil?
Decontaminate soil with our dual purpose fuel absorbent and bioremediation agent. Naturally-occurring bacteria are used to break down a contaminant until it is no longer harmful.

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We believe that it should be easier to
clean up spills

You know how much time and resources are spent cleaning up even the smallest of spills. Not only that, but the risks to the environment, or to health and safety can often cause the business cost of cleaning up a spill to quickly add up.

Your company should have a solution that avoids unnecessary and excessive expenses and allows you to be eco-friendly, while meeting all relevant regulations.

That’s why Enretech was founded — to provide spill management solutions that are:

  • Cost-effective,
  • Safe, and
  • Eco-friendly.

We manufacture organic, rapid-action absorbents and soil treatment technologies using only cotton and recycled cellulose materials.

At Enretech we are focused on offering you a complete solution of eco-friendly risk management and pollution control materials.

Hear how others have reduced the costs of spills with Enretech

“The product provided performed exceptionally and was convenient to use. The oil was absorbed into the product quickly…the time taken to do the job was less than expected. I am most impressed with the capacity of the product…I am happy to recommend it.”

Dunn Automotive Services, Burwood East, (VIC)

“I can highly recommend this product. It is a product that helps meet environmental and work safety regulations, but costs less to use. I can therefore spend more of my time with customers, knowing I can meet these regulations cost-effectively and easily.”

Thomson Ford, Parramatta (NSW)

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