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Need to stop the spread?
Our range of containment hardware products can keep rapidly spreading spills under control, as well as contain leaks within a specified area.

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Harmful chemicals leaking into soil?
Decontaminate soil with our dual purpose fuel absorbent and bioremediation agent. Naturally-occurring bacteria are used to break down a contaminant until it is no longer harmful.

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Spill kits

Do you have a high risk of spills?
Designed to clean up spills in any high-risk area, our spill kits have everything you need to absorb and contain all kinds of spills

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For effective spill clean-up and containment.
Use our DrySorb range of absorbents to clean up and contain a huge range of spills – from oils to hazardous waste. This range includes socks, pads, booms, wipes and powdered sorbents.

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