Bilge Rat (Oil Only)

Enretech Bilge Rats have been designed to fit into small and large boat bilges to absorb any free oil or fuel. The products simply float around the bilge and scavenge any free hydrocarbon.

Bilge Rats will float until they have become saturated with hydrocarbons. When their absorption capacity is full, they must be replaced. Replacement frequency is determined through visual checks, as the products will be dark in colour from contamination. Saturated Bilge Rats should then be placed in a secure plastic bag and, in most States, can be discarded to regular garbage. However, always check with your Marina or local waste authority before discarding any hydrocarbon-containing materials.

Absorbent products such as these Bilge Rats and Mini-Booms help both Marinas and their members meet their legal environmental obligations. A set of standard Marina Spill Response Kits have also been developed specifically for marine workplace or recreational environments. These kits contain absorbent products from the Enretech range and are packaged with suitable accessories


For use on any small or large boat bilge. Each product comes with a tie to secure it for easy retrieval.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly absorbent — each bilge rat can contain a high volume of oil or fuel.
  • Environmentally friendly — biodegradable, incinerable (with low ash residue), and non-toxic. Manufactured from recycled cellulose materials.
  • Cost-effective — high absorption rates mean less product can do more.
  • Safe — non-toxic, non-abrasive and non-carcinogenic.
  • Easy to use — fast, lightweight and able to be disposed to landfill in most states. No special training required.
  • Australian made


Product codeENR030
Carton quantity10/carton
Dimensions mm250×100

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