Kleen Sweep

Kleen Sweep is a multi-purpose absorbent for spills on hard surfaces. Made from recycled cotton waste, this completely sustainable Australian-made absorbent harnesses the power of nature to soak up and lock in spills, odours and toxins.

Proven in a global study, Kleen Sweep is officially #1 for cleaning spills on hard surfaces with it’s award-winning formula renowned for delivering superior; absorbency, disposability, sustainability, safety and cost-effectiveness – outperforming competing products across all key criteria.


KleenSweep is designed for use on all hard surfaces to absorb petrol, oil and diesel spills. It can also be used on animal, vegetable, mineral and synthetic oils, and oil-based paints.

The product is simply spread around and over the spill, and swept back and forth until the surface is dry. The sorbent is then swept aside leaving no surface residue. No secondary detergent or solvent washes are necessary. KleenSweep can also be used to absorb water-based liquids such as food products, paints, and water-soluble chemicals (i.e. glycols).

Features & Benefits

  • Sustainable choice — manufactured from 97% renewable, recycled cotton waste.
  • Safe and easy — Simple ‘pour & sweep’ solution for a thorough clean that leaves a dry, slip free finish.
  • Superior absorbency — a little goes a long way, for a fast, cost-effective, time-saving clean up.
  • Dual-action fibre-lock technology — hollow fibres uniquely lock in liquid and odour enabling naturally occurring bioactive enzymes to consume the spill toxins.
  • Versatile use — All-in-one formula for a multitude of spills and hard surface types.
  • 100% biodegradable — before and after spills (EPA compliant) reducing waste and contamination.
  • Tested per Australian Standards — USEPA, ASTM, ISO, APHA, CGSB and others.

The Award-Winning Kleen Sweep

The worlds best organic absorbent on hard surfaces testing criteria


Product codeENR020ENR021ENR022
Size10kg bag20L pail5kg bag
Pallet quantity72 bags/pallet48 pails/pallet96 bags/pallet
Dimensions (cm)36x12x5230x30x4138x8x47

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