drain warden

If contaminants find their way into the drainage system, they will end up in natural bodies of water. Then you’ll find yourself with a bigger and more expensive problem at hand.

The Drain Warden prevents contaminants and sediment from entering the stormwater system, while allowing water to flow through stormwater drains. It effectively removes coarse sediments, oil, litter, and debris.


The Drain Warden is ideal for use where oil, fuel or grease could enter the stormwater drains. Typical areas areas of use are:

  • delivery docks
  • workshops
  • service areas
  • industrial plants

To prevent liquids entering stormwater drains altogether, see the Weighted Drain Cover.

How the Drain Warden works

An absorbent polypropylene mini boom in the basin of the drain warden traps hydrocarbons, oils and fuels. The remaining water will flow through to the stormwater drain. The drain warden also has overflow pockets to facilitate large volume flows during heavy rain.


Product codeEPL083
Dimensions1.2m x 1.2m skirt with 60mm basin

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