Containing large spills and keeping them located to the site of the incident is vital, especially when there is potential for dangerous liquids to enter the stormwater system — and, after that, natural bodies of water.

Manufactured from robust geotextile material and filled with gel, the Weighted Containment Boom can be shaped around a drain pit or at the source of a leak to contain liquid during a spill.


The weighted containment boom can be used anywhere that liquid spills need to be contained or re-directed, e.g. warehouses, workshops or wash down bays.

Features & Benefits:

  • Made from geotextile material (very strong) and filled with gel
  • Easily shaped around a drain or source of spill to contain spill
  • Multiple Weighted Containment Booms can be joined together for larger spills


Product codeEPL084
Dimensions2m long x 900mm diameter
Also Available in
  • 3m long x 900mm diameter
  • 4m long x 900mm diameter

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