The Universal Pillows is designed for use on all hard surfaces to absorb and contain spills of a wide range of water-based liquids, including paints, pesticides, herbicides, body fluids, and food stuffs.

Pillows are for both spill containment and absorption. All Universal Pillows contain a special GP form of our popular XtraSorb.. They are most effective when used in conjunction with KleenSweep and they are an integral part of any spill response system.


Commonly used in the grounds & building maintenance industry, commercial operations, warehousing, waste management and manufacturing industries.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly absorbent — rapid containment & absorption on land. Each 1.2m sock absorbs up to 8L (water), up to 9 times its own weight in water-based liquids.
  • Cost-effective — get a high absorption rate using a small amount of product means saving money.
  • Easy to use — fast, lightweight and offers multiple disposal options.
  • Australian made


Product codeDS29
Dimensions20cm x 25cm
Pack Size32/carton

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