We provide training on the use of our products for spill response, spill containment and/or bioremediation.

This training can be a simple “toolbox” session which typically takes 10-15 minutes and gives the customer basic knowledge on how to use our sorbents and spill kits.

Alternatively, we also offer a more comprehensive 1 hour, combined theoretical (classroom) and practical training session, which goes into more detail about legal requirements, basic spill response principles and hazardous materials/dangerous goods.

This training course is called “Level 1: First Responder” and is based on the NSW DECC training program: “Storing and Handling Liquids (Environmental Protection) as well as the ASCC National Standard for the Control of Workplace Hazardous Chemicals. Toolbox training is typically provided, free of charge, by the supplier of the actual products, whereas the First Responder course is provided by Enretech trainers (for a reasonable fee).

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