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Decontaminate soil with an Australian bioremediation technology

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Soil contaminated by oil, fuel or chemicals — it’s every industrial, transport, retail or petrol company’s biggest operational safety risk.

Any oil, fuel or chemical spill means employees are at risk, nearby plant life are threatened and any nearby groundwater can also be quickly contaminated. In addition, if the spill is not contained and cleaned up quickly, there is a significant risk the EPA will be looking at issuing fines for land or groundwater contamination.

And removing contaminants from soil is usually expensive and time-consuming work. Options include physical excavation, aeration (further risking air pollution), or using thermal radiation to “burn” contaminants. Bioremediation is using nature to heal nature.

So how do you safely and cost-effectively decontaminate soil?


Remediator is a dual-purpose bio-active absorbent that can bioremediate oil spills or soils contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons.

It is manufactured in Australia using locally sourced and highly absorbent cotton-waste and is the subject of an Australian patent application. Remediator is charged with oil degrading, naturally occurring and supplementary micro-organisms that use hydrocarbons as a food source. When given a hydrocarbon food source and kept moist, the microorganisms rapidly break down the hydrocarbon contaminants into their harmless constituents in only a few weeks.

More than 95% of soil contaminants are then removed within 90 days.


If a bespoke bioremediation solution is required, Enretech’s bioremediation technology partner, Novorem utilises soil testing and microbial analysis to determine the best approach to achieving degradation of contaminants quickly and effectively.

In these situations, the bioremediation solution typically combines Remediator and additional micro-organisms and/or nutrients to address the known contaminants.

Further site monitoring and bench scale testing is also often provided by Novorem and their environmental bioremediation experts.

Best suited for…

Small scale oil spills

Large scale or complex spills

Features & Benefits

Fast acting

Reduces hydrocarbon to agreed levels in less than 90 days.

Eco friendly

Made from renewable resources and is 100% biodegradable.

No leaching

Rapid encapsulation eliminates leaching.

Safe & easy to use

Non-toxic, non-abrasive, non-carcinogenic. Requires no special training.

Locally sourced & manufactured

Australian owned and manufactured, with components locally sourced. Patent application pending in Australia.


No excavation, transport or external treatment required.

Eco friendly

Will not decompose until hydrocarbons have bio-remediated.

No leaching

Rapid encapsulation eliminates leaching.


Significantly reduces remediation costs when compared to external treatment.

Fast acting

Eliminate >90% contaminants within 90 days (on average).


  1. Soil is treated with Remediator in-situ and moisture and pH levels are maintained during treatment period.
  2. Once the contaminant hydrocarbons comes in contact with Remediator, rapid encapsulation via a carrier matrix eliminates leaching of hydrocarbons.
  3. Micro-organisms breakdown contaminants to non-harmful constituents – with more than 95% of contaminates removed within 90 days.
  1. Site samples are tested to establish nature and degree of contamination.
  2. A bespoke mixture is formulated from cotton-based absorbent and/or cultured bacteria, funghi, or nutrients.
  3. Bio-agent is applied in or ex situ via most appropriate method.
  4. Bacteria propagate rapidly within the fibres and break down contaminants into their non-harmful constituents.

A general application protocol and a more detailed technical application protocol (for a crude oil spill) can be downloaded below. Detailed, site-specific application protocols should be determined in conjunction with Enretech personnel.

Total Recoverable Hydrocarbons (TRH)

Time (days)

Case studies & reports

Since Enretech Group was formed in 1995, Remediator has been successfully used in more than 40 bioremediation projects in countries including Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Micronesia, Australia, Japan and New Caledonia. Most involved the breakdown of soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons resulting from mining, manufacturing or petroleum operations.

In Tokyo in Japan, Enretech was engaged by environmental management group DOWA Eco Systems Group to use Remediator to successfully breakdown benzene and oil contaminants in the soil to enable redevelopment of a former Tokyo Gas manufacturing facility in Hoshu Tokyo. See below for the full story:

Tokyo Gas Case Study

In Western Australia, Remediator was also used along with Enretech’s sustainable industrial absorbent – Kleen Sweep – to successfully remove oil, fuel and diesel contaminants from the HMAS Swan before it was sunk. This is now an artificial reef off the WA coast and a popular diving spot for tourists.

HMAS Swan Case Study


Enretech’s Remediator solution has also been reviewed and accredited for EPA compliance by a variety of government and environmental bodies across Australia and internationally. These include the following:

  • Canada – (Ontario Ministry of the Environment)

  • North Carolina – (USA) – Department of Health and Natural Resources)

  • Vietnam – National Environmental Agency

  • Philippines – Department of Transport and Communications

  • Malaysia – Department of Environment

  • Indonesia – Regional Development and Environmental Authority (Batam Island)

  • Australia – Environmental Protection Authorities (EPA) in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, ACT, Tasmania and South Australia – State and local governments in NSW, Queensland and Victoria (including roads, transport and emergency services)