The HazChem Spill Kit is designed specifically for aggressive chemical spills of strong acids, oxidisers, or alkali and caustic liquids. Ideal for workshops, warehouses, fleet maintenance shops, food manufacturers, pool operations, chemical manufacturers, wineries and other ‘high risk’ areas, where corrosive liquids such as battery acid, pool acid, caustic soda, alkali cleaners and other common acidic and alkaline liquids are handled.

You can easily and efficiently replace any spill kit items from your preferred supplier whenever you need them, using our online audit & refill tool. Simply access the tool via the QR code on your kit.


For use by any business that has identified risks due to spilt acidic or alkali liquids, and ideal in environments where wet cell batteries are recharged or where caustic cleaning solutions are used.

Industries include Government, Heavy Industry, Transport, Manufacturing, Service Industry, Construction, and Waste Management Companies.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly absorbent — each kit absorbs up to up to 75 litres of acid or alkali liquids.
  • Comprehensive solution — contains synthetic pads and socks, PPE and clean-up accessories for both acid and alkali spills.
  • Cost-effective — lowest in-use cost and superior performance results.
  • Easy to use and transport — mobile kit for fast response, as well as being highly visible with the capacity for extra PPE.
  • Eco-friendly — Enretech absorbents offer significant environmental benefits over competitor products.
  • Easy to reorder – replace all or some of your products as you need with our simple online audit & refill tool, accessed via your spill kit QR code.


Product Code: ENR087
Size: 60L Wheelie Bin
Pallet Quantity: 8 kits/pallet
Capacity: Absorbs up to 33L (Acid/Alkali)

DS33Pad (HAZ) 40cm x 50cm x 400gsm20
DS27Sock (HAZ) 1.2m x 7.6cm1
DS29Pillow (HAZ) 20cm x 25cm1
SKC-CARDHAZInstruction Card1
SKC-DCOVDisposable Coverall1
SKC-SGLASSSafety Glasses1
SKC-DBAGWaste disposal Bags + Ties2
SKC-SEALSecurity Seals2
SKC-GPVCGPVC Glove Gauntlet (Pair)1
SKC-LBLHAZSpill Kit label (Set)1

Product Code: ENR095
Size: 120L
Pallet Quantity: 6 kits/pallet
Capacity: Absorbs up to 75L (Acid/Alkali)

DS33Pad (H) 40cm x 50cm x 400gsm50
DS27Sock (H) 1.2m x 7.6cm3
DS29Pillow (H) 20cm x 25cm3
SKC-CARDHAZInstruction Card (H)1
SKC-DBAGWaste Disposal Bag + Ties2
SKC-SEALSecurity Seal2
SKC-GPVCGPVC Glove Gauntlet (Pair)1
SKC-GOGLSafety Goggle1
SKC-DCOVDisposable Coverall1
SKC-LBLHAZSpill Kit Label (Set)1

Product Code: ENR096
Size: 240L Wheelie Bin
Pallet Quantity: 4 kits/pallet

DS33Pad (HAZ) 40cm x 50cm x 400gsm100
DS27Sock (HAZ) 1.2m x 7.6cm6
DS29Pillow (HAZ) 20cm x 25cm6
SKC-CARDHAZInstruction Card1
SKC-DCOVDisposable Coverall1
SKC-GOGLSafety Goggle1
SKC-DBAGWaste disposal bags4
SKC-SEALSecurity Seals2
SKC-GPVCGPVC Glove Gauntlet (pair)1
SKC-LBLHAZSpill Kit label (set)1

Standards Compliance

All Enretech kits comply with the latest Australian Standards and Federal NOHSC (ASCC) Codes of Practice that pertain to the handling, storage, clean-up and disposal of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances:

NOHSC: 2007(1994), 1005(1994), & 1015(2001) and AS/NZS 3816:1998, AS1940-2004, AS3780-1994, & AS2507-1998.

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