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Portable Spill Kit

The new range of Portable Vehicle Spill Kit is effective on a wide variety of spills. The 3 new Portable Vehicle Spill Kits are effective on fuels, oils, hydraulic fluids or any other hydrocarbons, depending on which product you select. They are primarily used for spills or leaks that occur in a transport environment. Each kit contains a selection of highly absorbent and powerful products, and is packaged in a 55cm x 67cm bag to make it easy to store and transport in your vehicle.


The range of Portable Vehicle Spill Kits are designed to be easily transported and stored, so that individuals operating vehicles can stay prepared for when spills occur. The portable vehicle spill kit contains and cleans up liquid spills involving oil, fuels and chemicals, while being compact enough to transport in its 55cm x 67cm bag.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly absorbent — the small kit absorbs up to 100L of oil.
  • Comprehensive solution — a combination of pads and powdered absorbents (KleenSweep) results in a quick and complete clean-up, with no remaining residue.
  • Cost-effective — lowest in-use cost and superior performance results.
  • Easy to use and transport — mobile kit for fast response, as well as being highly visible with the capacity for extra PPE.
  • Industry accredited — sorbents tested to 12 NATA approved standards.
  • Eco-friendly — Enretech absorbents offer significant environmental benefits over competitor products.


Product Code: ENR070
Oil/Fuel Transport Kit

SKC-BAGHYDSpill Kit Bag Oil/Fuel1
ENR022KleenSweep 5kg bag1
ENR047Pad Absorbent Oil 45cmsq x 200gsm4
ENR040Sock Oil 1.2m x 10cm1
SKC-GNITNitrile Glove Disposable Blue (XL Pair)2
SKC-DBAGWaste disposal Bags1
SKC-CBT200X4.8Cable Tie 200mm x 4.8mm1
SKC-CARDHYDInstruction Card (hydrocarbon)1

Product Code: ENR071
General Purpose Transport Kit

SKC-BAGGPSpill Kit Bag General Purpose1
ENR022Kleen Sweep 5kg bag1
DS51Pad UNI/HAZ 40cm x 50cm x 200gsm4
DS27Sock UNI/HAZ 1.2m x 7.6cm1
SKC-GNITNitrile Glove Disposable Blue (XL Pair)2
SKC-DBAGWaste Disposal Bag1
SKC-CBT200X4.8Cable Tie 200mm x 4.8mm1
SKC-CARDUNIInstruction Card (universal)1

Product Code: ENR072
Hazchem Transport Kit

SKC-BAGHAZSpill Kit Bag Hazchem1
DS51Pad UNI/HAZ 40cm x 50cm x 200gsm20
DS27Sock UNI/HAZ 1.2m x 7.6cm2
SKC-DBAGWaste Disposal Bag1
SKC-CBT200X4.8Cable Tie 200mm x 4.8mm1
SKC-CARDHAZInstruction Card (hazchem)1

Standards Compliance

All Enretech kits comply with the latest Australian Standards and Federal NOHSC (ASCC) Codes of Practice that pertain to the handling, storage, clean-up and disposal of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances:

NOHSC: 2007(1994), 1005(1994), & 1015(2001) and AS/NZS 3816:1998, AS1940-2004, AS3780-1994, & AS2507-1998.

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