Designed for workshops, warehouses, petrol stations or at any ‘high risk’ area, to contain and clean up liquid spills involving oil-based liquids. Effective on fuels, oils, hydraulic fluids or any other oil-based liquid spill or leak that occurs in a controlled industrial, commercial, manufacturing, transport or marine environment. Highly absorbent, effective and competitively priced. Kits can also be customised to suit specific requirements, including Dangerous Goods Classes 3, 6.1 and 9, as well as Combustible Liquids C1 & C2.

For use by any organisation that has identified risks due to spilled liquids. Includes: Government, Heavy Industry, Transport, Manufacturing, Service Industry, Health & Medical, Agriculture, Construction, Waste Management Companies, Consultants.


  1. Contains Enretech sorbents, PPE and clean-up accessories.
  2. Comes in 120L yellow wheelie bin. 6 kits per pallet.
  3. Absorbs up to 100L (oil) – confirmed by independent testing.
  4. Industry accredited. Sorbents tested to 12 standards.


  1. Effective on a wide range of liquids. Kits can be customised to suit risk.
  2. Superior performance and lower cost of use.
  3. Combines both pads and loose particulate for quick & complete clean-up. No residues remain.
  4. Mobile kit for fast response. Highly visible, safe and easy to use. Capacity for extra PPE.

Kit Contents

SEAL1Security Seal2
LBL/WSKKit Label Set (Black)1
GP27PVC Gloves1
ENR047Absorbent Pads – Cotton – Oil Absorbent20
ENR045Low Lint Wipes (Universal)50
ENR040Sock, Absorbent (Oil Only)2
ENR022Kleen Sweep3
D/BAGWaste Disposal Bags2
CARD/HYDInstruction Card – Hydrocarbons1

Standards Compliance:

All Enretech kits comply with the latest Australian Standards and Federal NOHSC (ASCC) Codes or Practice that pertain to the handling, storage, clean-up and disposal of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances: NOHSC: 2007(1994), 1005(1994), & 1015(2001) and AS/NZS 3816:1998, AS1940-2004, AS3780-1994, & AS2507-1998.

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