Minimise the cost & disruption of your spill management.

Keep your worksites safe & operational with sustainable, customised spill solutions.

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Australia’s leading supplier of natural spill solutions

There’s a spill in the workplace and staff move to clean it up. Only, they find that the spill supplies haven’t been restocked because reordering is difficult (and expensive). The products they do have don’t do a great job, leaving residue all over the floor. The extended clean-up disrupts operations, and the floor still isn’t completely clean… Sound familiar?

At Enretech, we want to clean up the spill products industry. For over 20 years, we’ve developed customised and sustainable spill solutions, organic absorbents and soil treatment technologies that offer superior absorbency and help ensure your spill management practices are cost-effective, safe and simple.

We work with a wide range of industries to deliver products customised to specific work environments, risk factors and spill needs.

  • Emergency services

  • Retail

  • Service Stations

  • Facility Management

  • Transport

  • Automotive

  • Supermarkets

  • Schools & Universities

  • Construction

Clean up your spill management

Stop small spills turning into big problems. Keep operations running smoothly, reduce health and safety risks, and lower the cost and effort of spill management with Enretech’s range of fit-for-purpose spill solutions.


Made from sustainable local materials


Lower cost per use


Custom solutions for your industry/business


Highly absorbent & landfill safe

Safe & Tested

Globally recognised spill technology

Australian Owned

Locally owned for over 20 years

Enretech is supporting some of Australia’s leading businesses

“We have been using Enretech’s Kleen Sweep product for around 20 years now, and have never found a product that comes close”

-Aspley Auto Service Centre

“In over thirty-three years in the fire service, Kleen Sweep would be the best spill product I have ever used”

-Emergency Services Personnel

Start simplifying your spill management