We believe that it should be easier to clean up spills

You know how much time and resources are spent cleaning up even the smallest of spills. Not only that, but the risks to the environment, or to health and safety can often cause the business cost of cleaning up a spill to quickly add up.

Your company should be able to have an option that avoids unnecessary and excessive expenses and allows you to be eco-friendly.

That’s why Enretech was founded — to provide spill management solutions that are:

  • Cost-effective,
  • Safe, and
  • Eco-friendly.

We manufacture organic, rapid-action absorbents and soil treatment technologies using only cotton and recycled cellulose materials.

At Enretech we are focused on offering you a complete solution of eco-friendly risk management and pollution control materials.

Is spill management costing you too much?

If you’re spending too much time and money cleaning up spills — impacting the environment in the process. Try our wide range of cost-effective, eco-friendly, industrial and commercial spill management solutions.

The Enretech Difference


Our sorbents and treatment technologies have a low carbon footprint and are made using only organic materials — primarily cotton and recycled cellulose. They are also non-toxic and have no negative effects on water or soil when used.


Our sorbents contain no hazardous or toxic materials. They are easy and safe to use without requiring special equipment or extensive training.


Our fast, powerful and highly effective products are huge time-savers, minimising the costs in staff hours or downtime spent cleaning up. Our products are also maximised for absorption, so less product needs to be used in order to resolve spills.


We are a wholly Australian-owned company, and have been for our entire 20 year history. Our products are available throughout Australia via an extensive distribution network. Enretech products are also available in 14 countries throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


Every product has been extensively tested to meet (or exceed) International, Australian EPA and Worksafe requirements.
Proven per USEPA, USDA, ASTM, CGSB and ISO. Studied by 3rd party universities and an important tool in order to meet ISO 9000 and 14000 requirements.


While our products are broadly designed for industrial and commercial applications, we also focus on the development of specialty sorbents for non-traditional areas such as foods, health and education. We also provide bioremediation technology, commonly used for the in-situ treatment of oil and fuel spills on soil.

About Us

Some years ago, we realised that the vast majority of spill management solutions on the market were made from inorganic chemicals that were having a colossal negative impact on the environment.

So with a dedication to helping companies become more eco-friendly and a passion for innovation, Enretech was founded.

After years of extensive testing and rigorous scientific method, we developed our range of organic absorbents and soil treatment technologies.

Today, we are a leading supplier of spill management solutions. For over 20 years we have provided our absorbents, soil treatment technology, and services to countless businesses. Beginning in our home country of Australia, we now provide our powerful and effective products to countries across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Enretech has 170+ distributors across Australia and the world

Looking For Enretech Spill Solutions?

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