Poor spill management can be an ongoing business problem for your company if not given the adequate planning and consideration it needs.

A bad spill management plan exposes your business to a lot of potential problems. The biggest one? Not meeting government regulations.

But that’s not all.

Poor spill management can also lead to the negative effects of spills blowing out of proportion. Company employees and the environment are at risk from poor spill management. Also, even if the company eventually cleans up the spill, the damage to the brand might be irreversible.

What Kind of Products Do You Need for Spill Management?

Spill management starts and ends with having the right products available on site.

Absorbents such as pads, rolls, mats, socks, pillows, and other sorbents are essential. However, keep in mind that there are multiple variations of each product. Take the time to get to know these variations and which ones are best for the type of liquids in the storage area.

A good example of this is needing a different type of absorbent for oil as you would for other types of spills.

A spill kit is essentially an all-in-one tool for dealing with spills. Spill kits are starting to grow in popularity in many facilities and storage spaces that handle all types of liquid on a daily basis.

There are general purpose spill kits available for water-based fluids. However, as already mentioned, you’ll want the right spill kits for the kind of liquids in the facility. You might even want to create customised spill kits to make sure that you have the right sorbents and containers available at all times within the facility.

Buy for Fit, Not General Purpose

A safe and compliant facility starts with proper spill management. That begins with having non-generic products that your company has prepared specifically for a particular storage area or facility.

It should be standard spill management procedure to use products and spill kits suited to your site.

Your goal shouldn’t be a general purpose spill management plan. Instead, it should be effective spill management. Although this involves more work on your part, you do end up getting the most effective, safe, and sustainable solution for your company. This can ultimately save your business time and money.

The bottom line is, you want products that do an effective job and help keep the site running smoothly in spite of spills.

How Enretech Helps with Spill Management

Proper spill management saves your company and your staff a lot of time, money, and energy.

Failure to prepare is an expensive mistake that your company will pay dearly for down the line. On the other hand, putting in the time to do the necessary research to come up with an effective spill management plan costs significantly less.

If you are not sure where to start, Enretech has a wide range of spill containment products that meet EPA regulations, have high absorbency ratings, and are sustainable.

Enretech has absorbents and containers available for any type of spill. It also has all-in-one spill kits available for a more convenient and effective spill management solution.