An Australian environmental solution to a global issue: Using biotechnology to decontaminate a former Japanese gas site in less than 90 days.

In Hoshu district, the former manufacturing site of Tokyo Gas, located on the wharf of Hoshu and surrounded by Tokyo’s business district, was being rezoned and redeveloped for the Tokyo Fish
markets to commence operations.

Accordingly, Tokyo Gas engaged DES to investigate the best and most effective approach to address the soil contamination caused by the operation of their gas manufacturing facility. In some parts of the 50,000 m3 site, it was discovered soil had been contaminated by volatile organic compounds including benzene and oil as well as by arsenic and other heavy metals.

In response to the adverse findings, Tokyo Gas and DES launched a clean-up of all soil contamination. For soils contaminated with oil and fuel, the process was to be carried out in a purification yard established in one corner (approx. 8900m2) of the vast site using Enretech’s bioremediation solution known as Remediator.

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