Contamination is a growing issue in mining

Hydrocarbon pollution from spills is an inevitable part of mining, and spills over 19.9 litres must be reported and treated. But many treatment options are costly, time-consuming and contribute to further environmental risks.

  • Sending contaminated soil to high-temperature incinerators to be treated contributes to serious emissions.
  • Physical excavation can lead to further contamination
  • Aeration carries the risk of air pollution
  • Letting materials sit in quarantine creates an ever-growing pile of toxic waste

The increasing focus on sustainability and protecting the local environment is putting pressure on mining operations to react to these spills appropriately.

Materials sitting in quarantine creates an ever-growing pile of toxic waste

Low risk, sustainable remediation solutions

Enretech’s Remediator product is a sustainable and cost-effective method that uses microbes to remove contamination naturally and quickly from the soil. Most bioremediation products take multiple uses to see results. But Enretech has created a solution that enables companies to treat polluted soil and groundwater in-situ, with ease and without the need for costly third parties.

Remediator is a soil and groundwater decontaminant that has been charged with multiple species of oil-degrading, micro-organisms. These bacteria and microbes are a mix of naturally occurring and cultured bio-agents that can be tailored to the specific pollutants to ensure fast, effective remediation.

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Remediator is a sustainable and cost-effective soil and groundwater decontaminant

Remediator can be utilised for projects of all sizes and offers a viable alternative to expensive and difficult remote/ex-situ treatments for small remediation projects.

For larger remediation projects, Enretech delivers complete soil and groundwater bioremediation services through our sister company, Novorem. Using our Microbiology expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to deliver complete bioremediation services which include testing contaminated samples and supplying appropriate, bespoke cultures and nutrient amendments to both treat the contamination and regenerate soil for a more complete bioremediation process.

Bioremediation has been growing in popularity in the mining and associated industries for good reason. Our approach means less disruption, particularly for smaller projects, as the alternative “dig and dump” treatments often require wholescale excavation of the polluted site which is both time-consuming and costly. Being able to treat in-situ reduces the risk of compounding the problem through the pollutants spreading to the surrounding environment – delivering a far more efficient and cost-effective approach to decontamination. In fact, a recent bioremediation project conducted by Enretech saved our client over $100 million!

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Our remediator product allows for the treatment of polluted soil and groundwater in-situ with ease

Our commitment to sustainability

Enretech has invested heavily in environmentally sound products and practices and bioremediation is an important part of that investment. We are passionate about finding more sustainable, eco-friendly solutions to the industry’s most common problems. And bioremediation is fast becoming one of the most highly sought-after services we offer.

And while contaminated soil is one of the most difficult safety challenges mining companies face, Enretech also offers a wide range of sustainable and cost-effective spill solutions for some of the everyday safety problems such as oil-based, water-based and Hazchem spills on hard surfaces. Enretech’s range of solutions include:

Enretech is widely regarded as a leading environmental solutions provider and our spill treatments and contamination products have received global acclaim. But we are locally grown and raised… Enretech manufactures the majority of our remediation and spill solutions domestically. Our flagship products are made from responsibly sourced, recycled cotton-waste, sourced from Australian farms. All of our spill range meet or exceed absorption regulations, and can safely be disposed of in landfill.

Enretech. Sustainability without compromise.

Ready to try organic? Enretech’s range of organic spill solutions are globally recognised for their performance, compliance, and sustainability. If you’re interested in learning more about spill solutions and ways you can improve service and sales through product knowledge, contact me here or call me on 0488 232 741.