If your business involves the handling and transportation of liquids of any type, then it’s important to have a spill kit ready on-site in times of emergencies.

Spills pose a significant health and safety risk to every single one of your company’s employees, as well as the immediate environment.

It is imperative that spills are handled with care and immediately taken care of. A small spill can become a huge problem for your company, not only for the health and environmental reasons, because of possible fines, among other potential legal ramifications.

To further emphasise the importance of having an on-site spill kit, here are 5 reasons why companies involved with liquids should always have a spill kit on-site and ready to use.

1. Effective spill clean-up

Spill kits are designed to contain everything necessary to clean up leaks and spills alike effectively and in a manner in which it won’t pose a threat to the user and the immediate environment.

Without an on-site spill kit, your company won’t be able to respond quickly enough to contain spills. However, with an on-site spill kit, you ensure that your company has a fast, effective, and safe method of cleaning up spills.

2. Cost-effective

Spills are costly. The sooner they are taken care of, the better.

Having an on-site spill kit that’s easy to locate and pre-packed with all of the necessary materials for safe and effective spill clean-up allows employees to quickly grab the kit/s and address the issue immediately.

This allows the spill to be contained safely and quickly.

By minimising the potential damage caused by the spills and allowing workers to go back immediately to work, the company can save a lot of money that could have been lost due to a serious spill.

3. Safer work environment

On-site chemical spill kits can give workers peace of mind. They can rest easy knowing that, even if they are working with potentially toxic chemicals, the facility, themselves, and other employees can be kept safe in case of a spill because there are spill kits available throughout the facility.

4. Minimal disruption to workflow

Spills are pretty much unavoidable. What is avoidable is a disruption to the daily workflow of the facility in case of spills.

Because on-site spill kits are designed for fast and effective spill clean-up, facilities can resume operation almost immediately after a spill is cleaned up.

5. Legislative concerns

Australia is known to have very strict environmental laws. To operate, businesses need to do their due diligence and equip their facilities with the necessary tools and equipment to handle spills and other emergencies.

Having an on-site spill kit, whether chemical or universal, is one of the many requirements for compliance with local laws and regulations.

Spill kits are designed to safely and effectively contain spills while minimising the potential health and environmental risks posed by such incidents.

Outside of any potential legal ramifications faced by your company for operating without the necessary safety equipment, including having an on-site spill kit, it’s important to have a universal spill kit (in addition to the other more specialised types of a chemical spill kit) on site for the reasons stated above.

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