You would never want to purposefully throw away money or injure one of your employees. However, if your spill kit isn’t fit for purpose, you could be doing just that.

In our previous blog, I introduced the idea of fit for purpose spill kits – what they look like and what they do. But it’s one thing to know what they are, and another to know why they’re so important.

In this blog, we’ll be looking into the top five risks you and your business take by relying on spill solutions that are unfit for purpose.

At first glance it might seem like all spill products are created equal – but this is far from the truth. By using the wrong spill kit, you could be putting your business and staff at risk – or even breaking the law.

Why spills are risky business

The tricky thing about spill kits is that sometimes you don’t realise they’re not fit for purpose until you’re required to use them – and by then it’s too late.

If you reach this point and utilise the wrong spill solution, you could find yourself facing one or all of the following problems:

1. It won’t work

If you’re using the wrong products on a spill, the first thing that you risk is that it simply won’t work. Different fluids require different grade products and materials. For example, pads found in a fuel and oil spill kit are made to repel water, so they will be useless for cleaning up water-based spills.

2. It will take a long time and a lot of effort

If you’re using a low-quality product, or if you don’t have enough product, a small spill will turn into a big job. The more time and effort staff spend attending to a spill, the less time they spend doing their jobs.

3. You’ll create a dangerous work environment

If the product you’re using hasn’t effectively cleaned the spill, there is likely to be residue left over. This increases the chances of workplace accidents – if someone slips and falls, you’re down one worker and up one insurance claim.

4. It will cost you more

Not having a fit for purpose spill kit that’s is right for the style and size of your business will mean you will be constantly replacing spill products, which can really add up. If you’re utilising solutions with low absorbency rates, you’ll be using a lot more product and replacing them a lot more often.

5. You could be breaking state laws

State laws mandate that if you’re working with fluids you’re required to have a spill kit on hand. Most state laws also express that if you want to dispose of your spill product in landfill, it must absorb at least its own weight and must be able to hold fluid without releasing it. This already rules out nearly 90% of products on the market – so if you’re using any old spill solution, you may be non-compliant.

Spill response cost

An unfit for purpose spill kits can really cost your business.

Keep your operations risk-free

It’s pretty clear that while spill kits might seem like a small part of your overall operations, they can affect all the factors that can make or break a business:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Safety
  • Compliance

Doing some research into site, industry and spill-specific kits will take a little more time than just ordering your same old solution – but it will be well worth it. Investing the time now means avoiding all the risks later.

spill response cleaning

A fit for purpose spill kit will keep your staff – and your business – safe

Purchasing a spill kit built for your business is key. Understand what fluids are most prevalent on your site and make sure you have the appropriate products on hand. It’s recommended that you have a spill kit every 20-25 metres in operation areas. This way, you always have a fit for purpose kit nearby, even if you’re working with different types of fluids in the one area.

Work smarter, not harder. Implementing spill kits that are high-quality, highly absorbent and spill-specific today, means you’ll never worry about a spill again. Depending on where you work, there is a specific spill kit to suit your needs:

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