HMAS Swan Case Study

How Enretech helped carry out the southern hemisphere's biggest ever oil & fuel clean up When the HMAS Swan (a former destroyer escort approximately the size of a football field) was decommissioned, it was decided it would be scuttled to provide an artificial reef and recreational diving opportunity off the coast of Western Australia. But [...]

Tokyo Gas Case Study

An Australian environmental solution to a global issue: Using biotechnology to decontaminate a former Japanese gas site in less than 90 days. In Hoshu district, the former manufacturing site of Tokyo Gas, located on the wharf of Hoshu and surrounded by Tokyo’s business district, was being rezoned and redeveloped for the Tokyo Fish markets [...]

Breaking it down: How to make bioremediation work for you

Bioremediation, while not new, is a remediation option that has only recently become a more accepted and utilised technique within Australia.  As an in-situ technology, it removes many of the risks and obstacles that other remediation techniques present. Bioremediation relies on live organisms to break down pollutants within the contaminated sample and requires the environment to be compatible with the process.  To ensure [...]